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Circle Flow Harmony (CFH) Studio is a martial arts facility teaching the Art of Hapkido to adults and children. The Studio is fully matted with the finest quality new tatami floor. Our beautiful functional, training area is flooded by natural light: we have a weight training area, studio long multi-height stretching bars. Please see our gallery for pictures of the studio.

To enhance safety, sometimes our studio entrance is locked, so please ring the door-bell if you drop by to learn more.

Who is CFH Studio for?

CFH Studio is for Everyone.

Men & Women - Whether your goal is to study a truly effective martial art, become more flexible, or you just want to be more physically active in a fun way, Hapkido as Master Young-Ho has been teaching it for the past 20 years is for you.

Women only - At our Studio we also strongly welcome women and for those women who are only interested in learning some basic self defense, stay tuned for some Women's Self Defense classes in the near future.

Kids - We love all our members, however, at CFH Studio, the children are our favourites. Seeing the excitement and smiles on their faces warms our hearts every class. Their purity of emotion is so beautiful to us.

In this day and age of the Internet/Computers, Video Games and TV, it is crucial for your child's health to maintain a level of physical activity. We believe Martial Arts, as we teach it, is the perfect medium to achieve this and help to improve your child's coordination and strength.

We do not believe in being a Martial Arts School that doubles as a daycare. We are here to teach kids real martial arts. Children grow up so fast, so it is our goal to start young; ages 5 or 6 and older is recommended to start. Our aim is to help cultivate a strong spirit and a mind that can maintain focus; while at the same time teaching honour, integrity, respect and discipline ; attributes that will aid them as they grow up to face the journey that is life.

If this sounds like a martial arts school for you or your children, please drop by and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you!

Master Young-Ho • Sweat Shoppe TO, 70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1B9 • 416-819-9540 • Contact: