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MASTER YOUNG-HOIn martial arts, lineage is important. Not all black belts are created equally, partially because not all instruction in the martial arts is equal. Every martial art has redeeming qualities and can be useful for self-defence, but an art's practicality depends on who the instructor is and how they teach.

Master Young-Ho's lineage has provided him with an elite level of insight into martial arts. Therefore, studying under Master Young-Ho provides the student with a deep understanding and an untainted view of the original and ever evolving treasure that is Hapkido.

For self-defence purposes, a martial art must be practical. In order for it to be practical, it is far better to learn a martial art from someone who has had 'real world' experience. From the mid 1990's until recently, Master Young-Ho was the head of several security details in the Toronto area where he was often responsible for the safety and protection of thousands of people every night. Master Young-Ho would often coordinate his private security teams with the Toronto Police Service, who, have the highest level of respect for his work.

Master Young-Ho's Hapkido has been tried, tested and found to be a very potent art that is utterly practical for self-defence.

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